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Welcome to Foisy & Kennedy, Inc.

Finding the right insurance for your particular situation is crucial if you want to be sure you are going to be properly covered. The worst time to find out you're not covered is when you have a claim the adjuster won't pay.

Why is Insurance Important?

Life is full of risks. You can lose your home in a fire, your car in an accident or all your assets in a lawsuit. The risk can be greater than people realize. The last time we had someone lose their home in a fire, our insurance company paid out over $900,000 to help rebuild their home and replace their lost belongings. That's a bigger risk than most of us can afford to take.

Even if you want to take a big risk, a lender will require you insure the car, home or other collateral that secures your loan. And the law may require you to have certain kinds of insurance, like liability insurance for causing injury to others with your car.

Why Foisy & Kennedy, Inc.?
Competence - Cost - Coverage - Convenience - Compassion

  • Competence - Our lead agent, Jerry Kennedy, teaches insurance to other agents all over the US. He knows the companies that don't cover people properly. For example, there's one insurance company that won't pay to fix your car if you have a wreck while using your car for work, even if you were just running an errand for your employer! (That's not a company we would insure you with.)
  • Cost - Check out our online home and auto rate quotes. You'll see that rates can vary dramatically between insurance companies. It's not unusual for us to save people hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year on their insurance.
  • Coverage - Some agents want to sell you everything. We just want you to have the coverage that's important, coverage for those large risks that you can't afford to take. Buying insurance against small risks that are bound to happen isn't a good value for you, the consumer.
  • Convenience - From quoting to making policy changes, we make it easy for you. You don't have to fill out long and complicated forms, we do most of the work for you. Our companies websites offer some great 24/7 online service options.
  • Compassion - Maybe it's because we do business in a small town, but we treat everyone like our neighbor. We care about you and your coverage. If you have a problem with a claim, we're there to help.

Coverages We Offer:
We handle a variety of insurance policies that include:

  • Home
  • Auto
  • Commercial
  • RV
  • Umbrella
  • Renters
  • Boat/Watercraft
  • Motorcycle
If you are looking for a quote on home or auto insurance in Washington state, try our online rating tool, or for all other quotes and other states, reach out to our lead agent, Jerry Kennedy.

Auto Insurance

Jerry's Car Insurance Primer

When you are shopping for auto insurance, the agent will often ask did you want "full coverage" or "just liability". Car insurance is actually a lot more complicated than that. Here's a guide to some of the most common coverage options:

  • Liability - Pays for your car hurting others or damaging others property, when you or the driver of your car were in the wrong. All states require minimal amounts of this coverage for your car to be legally driven. Nearly 90% of all lawsuits and claims for serious injuries would be due to hurting someone with your car. So, liability is the most important coverage you can buy. People need a lot of it, not just the basic amount required to be legal. And having more liability coverage can actually qualify you for lower rates.
  • Medical/Personal Injury Protection - Pays medical costs for you and passengers in your car getting hurt in an accident, regardless of whose fault the accident was. In the states it's offered, Personal Injury Protection will also pay to replace lost income if you can't work due to your injuries.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists - Pays for you or your passengers injuries if you're hurt by someone that has no or very minimal Liability insurance to cover your injuries. If you're severely hurt by someone else, the chance that they're uninsured or underinsured are often more than 75%. This is the second most important coverage to have after Liability.
  • Collision - Pays to fix your car if it's run into by someone or you run into someone else with it. Will pay the cost to repair your car, up to what the car is currently worth.
  • Comprehensive/Other Than Collision - Pays for all the other ways your car can be damaged, including fire, glass damage, animals, theft, vandalism, and more.
  • Gap Insurance - Pays off your car loan if your loan is for more that the car is worth. Car dealers will sell you this for $500 to $1,000. You can add it to your car insurance for $20 to $30 every 6 months.
  • New Car Replacement - If you total your new car in the first year or two, this option will pay to replace yours with a new one.
  • Towing - Pays for towing if you have a breakdown. Since towing claims can raise your rates, we recommend getting a Motor Club membership instead.
  • Loss of Use - Pays the cost to rent a car while your car is in the shop getting fixed after a wreck. Nice coverage to have if you don't have a spare car you can drive.
If you have any questions about coverage, you're welcome to email Jerry Kennedy at the link below. For quotes, contact our office or try our online rating tool for auto and home insurance. We are ready to answer your questions and help you get started.

Home Insurance

There are two types policies you can use to insure a house you own. Homeowners policies are for insuring a house that you own and live in, your home. Dwelling policies (also known as landlord policies) are the policy used to insure a house you own that's rented out to others. Using the right type of policy is critically important. For example, if you insure a rental house with a Homeowners policy, the insurance company can deny a claim for damage to the house or injury to the tenants.

Why Is Home Insurance Important?

Our home is our most valuable asset. And our home is full of our personal belongings, either of which can take hundreds of thousands of dollars to rebuild, repair or replace. Most of us know someone who has lost their home and everything in it due to fire or other natural disaster.

Homeowners Insurance Basics:

Dwelling Coverage - Most policies pay to replace your home with a new home, up to the limit of coverage on it. Many will even pay an additional 25% or 50% of that amount if it costs more to rebuild than you expected. It always takes more to rebuild than you think it will. Two out of three homes in the U.S. are underinsured, on average homes are insured for only 78% of the amount needed to rebuild them.

Other Structures Coverage - Provides coverage for loss to other things built on your property, like fences, detached garages, patios and pools. Automatically provided in most policies in an amount that's 10% of what the house is insured for. People with detached garages or other outbuildings generally need more and increased coverage is very affordable.

Personal Property Coverage - Homeowners policies include coverage for your personal belongings, generally in an amount based on 70% of the amount the home is insured for. Your property is covered at home and elsewhere, like on vacation. Property normally kept somewhere else may not be covered as well, though. Some things only get limited protection, though additional coverage is generally available if you know to ask for it.

Loss Of Use Coverage - If you can't live in your home due to covered damage to it, this coverage will pay the costs to stay elsewhere. It also pays other costs of living that are higher due to having to live elsewhere.

Personal Liability Coverage - This pays for accidentally harming others or damaging their property. The most common claim in recent years is for dog bites. The average paid out for a dog bite claim in 2017 was $37,051. Liability can also cover guests getting hurt at your home. Some common sources of injury claims that often aren't covered are:

  • Things you can ride around on, from ATV's to kid's toys to tractors.
  • People getting hurt at other property you own.
  • Boating activities.
  • Any activity related to your work or business.

Types Of Loss That Are Covered - Policies will vary dramatically in what types of loss and damage they will cover. Better home policies insure the home against most types of damage, not including things like earthquake, flooding or maintenance items. Flood insurance is a separate policy that will be required by your mortgage company if you live in a high risk flood zone. Personal property often isn't covered against as many things as your home is. If you have some valuable things, there are several ways they can be better protected.