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Our office is no longer handling rental properties at the present time.

In order to help assist you in your search for rentals in our area, we have listed below names and phone numbers of people in the Grand Coulee Dam Area that manage or own rental properties.  They are not affiliated with Foisy & Kennedy Realty, Inc.    They may or may not have properties open and available at the present time.

Owner or Property Manager Phone Number
Anchor RV Park - Ian Turner 509-675-2763
Dale & Kathy Baty 509-633-2860
Bell RV/Mobile Home Park Wilbur   -  Linda Ayotte 509-647-5888
Ron and Sue Bjorklund 509-633-0895
Lonna Bussert 509-631-2033
Barbara Caudle & Julius Heintz 509-633-1109
Columbia View Apartments -  509-895-9245
DeHaan 509-724-0294
Susan Ellis 509-338-0990
Lyle Floyd 509-631-4875
Gary French 509-631-0273
Wayne Fowler 509-633-2485
Dan Garabedian 509-217-2456
Grand Coulee Manor (Grant Co. Housing) 509-762-5541
Joan Gross 509-770-3263
Chrys Hakola 509-633-2107
Gary & Pam Heintz 509-633-2008
Bob Hendrickson 509-631-0747
Matt Hendrickson 509-6338382
Lisa Moore 509-633-3625
Mark Payne 509-631-2039
Jerry Sands 509-631-1222
Sunbanks Resort 509-633-3786
Wade Taylor 509-633-1531


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