1954M.G. "French" Foisy begins his insurance career by starting Foisy Insurance Agency in Coulee Dam Washington.  Since the company was just starting, he worked a number of jobs to support his family.

1968:  Foisy Insurance Agency buys out John Michaud Insurance company and M.G. Foisy & Thelma Foisy work full time selling and servicing all lines of insurance in the Grand Coulee Dam area.

1977:  French's oldest grandson, Jerry Kennedy, joins the firm as a fully licensed insurance agent and has an immediate impact on the insurance business.

1978:  Jerry Kennedy becomes a full partner in the firm that specializes primarily in Personal Lines insurance services such as Auto and Home Insurance. However, Jerry starts diversifying the business to pursue more Life & Health, Farm & Business Insurance.

1979: Foisy Insurance become Foisy & Kennedy Insurance, in recognition of Jerry's contributions to the business.

1980:  French's youngest grandson, Merle Kennedy, joins the firm as another fully licensed insurance agent.

1981:  Jerry Kennedy & Merle Kennedy buy out M.G. & Thelma Foisy's interest in the firm and become full owners of Foisy & Kennedy Insurance. French & Thelma retire and spend more time on home projects & hobbies.  Anita Cook joins the firm as a licensed agent.

1983:  Merle Kennedy becomes a licensed real estate salesperson with Rod's Realty in Grand Coulee, Washington.

1984: Foisy & Kennedy Insurance buys out Palanuk Insurance owned & operated by Marvin & Shirley Palanuk here in Grand Coulee.

1985:  Merle Kennedy receives his Real Estate Brokers License.

1987:  Patti Tufts begins working at Foisy & Kennedy March 9th. She will be a customer service representative for the insurance business.

1987:   Jerry Kennedy & Merle Kennedy buy Rod's Realty from Rod & Helen Rector and Merle assumes the duties of managing Broker for the Real Estate operations.

1989:   Melinda (Lindi) Roberts joins the staff at Foisy & Kennedy as a receptionist/customer service representative.

1994:  Jerry Kennedy receives the Professional Insurance Agents of Washington/Alaska's  Insurance Agent of the Year Award.

1995:   Melinda (Lindi) Roberts becomes a licensed Insurance Agent at Foisy & Kennedy Insurance Inc.

1996:   Patti Tufts becomes a licensed Real Estate Agent for Foisy & Kennedy Realty.

1997:   Melinda (Lindi) Roberts gets hitched and is now known as Melinda (Lindi) Haag.

2001:  After 8 1/2 years with Foisy & Kennedy and over 20 years in the Insurance business, Jerri Spotts "retires" to pursue other interests.

2001:  Patty Servias joins Foisy & Kennedy's Insurance operations bringing with her over 15 years of experience in the insurance business. She will be taking over the majority of Jerri Spotts previous position.

2002:  Jerry Kennedy celebrates his 25 anniversary working at Foisy & Kennedy.

2004: Patty Servias retires after almost 20 years in the insurance business. Michelle Bredstrand joins the firm and becomes a licensed insurance agent.

2005: Merle Kennedy celebrates his 25 year anniversary working at Foisy & Kennedy.

2005:  Foisy & Kennedy Inc. move to their new location on 7-22-2005 at 309 Midway Avenue, Grand Coulee. (Across from Safeway).  The new location is 2,600 s.f. in size and also includes off- street parking for our customers.  The building was originally built and occupied as Security Bank.   The building was then purchased by Dale & Gloria Hotchkiss and was used as a clothing store (The Smart Shop) for a number of years. Then a computer retail sales and service store occupied the store and its last occupant was as a t-shirt - graphics design company (Sunflower Graphics). The building was totally renovated and will be the home for Foisy & Kennedy for  hopefully many years to come.  The business had been at 214 Main Street, Grand Coulee for twenty one years.  

2006: Michelle Bredstrand leaves to become Manager at Bank of America at the Coulee Dam Branch.  Laurie Hilton starts as Customer Service Representative on 04-24-2006.

2007:  Jerry Kennedy celebrates his 30th Anniversary at Foisy & Kennedy.

2007:  Laurie Hilton becomes a licensed Insurance Agent at Foisy & Kennedy Insurance Inc.

2007:  Patti Tufts celebrates her 20 year anniversary at Foisy & Kennedy.

2009:  Lindi Haag celebrates her 20 year anniversary at Foisy & Kennedy.

2010:  Merle Kennedy celebrates his 30th Anniversary at Foisy & Kennedy.

2012:  Jerry Kennedy celebrates his 35th Anniversary at Foisy & Kennedy.

2016: Laurie Hilton retires after almost 10 years of service at Foisy & Kennedy.

2016: Shirley Silva joins the insurance team at Foisy & Kennedy as a licensed agent.

In addition to Jerry and Merle, the staff includes Lindi Haag, licensed insurance agent and Shirley Silva, licensed insurance agent. Patti Tufts is on staff as a licensed real estate sales person.   The business is presently  located at 309 Midway Avenue, Grand Coulee, Washington.

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